Monday, June 1

Diego A. Chávez Cadena

Diego Andres is Editor-in-Chief of the Collegian Wired and a full-time programmer and executive director at UNDA Digital in Los Angeles. A native of California, Diego is a fervent learner who discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and technology as a teen.

He taught himself the fundamentals of business and programming and went on to graduate from the University of La Verne’s Public Affairs and Information Communication College to later become an enthusiastic Public Relations officer at SAESHE, a strategic public affairs firm known for strong bonds in Latin, Asian, and Native American media outlets. He managed the web programming account for Pala Casino while working closely with the Mission Tribe of Indian Country as well as developing the framework of the multimedia and enterprise website they use today.

Diego stepped away from the companies as UNDA Digital began to form and since then has dedicated his life to digital inclusion programs, policies, and advocacy in rural California and in other parts of rural America to further connect ethnic minorities to the world-wide-web.

He now oversees program development at UNDA Digital. Diego is a natural problem solver who maintains awareness of the external competitive landscape, opportunities for internal expansion and innovation, as well as the technical aspects of the organization including media.

Diego was not a typical undergraduate. He devoted his free time to Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s student board, and was awarded departmental honors at the University of La Verne’s journalism department for his commitment to the small, but growing undocumented community of the university.